In the land of luxury items, hardware performance may not be the main focus for their consumers. Looking at Tag Heuer's latest luxury smartphone launch, the subpar performing mobile device is fetching a $6,700 price tag alongside a luxury iPhone 4. Customers will need to decide whether to go with the latest greatest performing smartphone or a head above shoulders luxurious device with gold and leather.

Tag Heuer

If you plan to go with aesthetics, the Tag Heuer smartphone will surely offer the luxury you'd come to expect from the Swiss watchmaker. Its design is to mimic a watch and comes in the choice of 18 carat gold, steel, or titanium. The back cover and edges are accented with rich leather made from alligator skin, calfskin, or carbon leather utilizing the same materials found on watch wristbands. The faceplate is decorated with diamonds.

If the choice is performance, this is not the phone for you. Coming in with very minimal specs, the 3.5 inch 800x480 display screen is accompanied by a 5 megapixel camera, 256 RAM, 8GB storage, and runs on Android 2.2 Froyo with 2G connection speeds.

iPhone 4 Black Diamond

For those looking for both luxury and performance, nothing beats a dazzled up iPhone called Black Diamond. Produced by Gresso, the luxury smartphone boasts an 18 carat gold Apple logo that is accented with a carbonado black diamond. The case is made out of 200 year old African blackwood and will cost $10,000.

iPhone 4 White Diamond

Another extravagant iPhone 4 is filled with white diamonds along its outer bezel. The diamonds are all hand placed and covered with a platinum finish. The device glows as its luxury mobile phone maker, Designer Continental Mobiles, intended it to. Price tag is $11,600.

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