Morocco, the Inside Story

Conflict, controversy and biased “outside” media coverage drew two brothers back to their native land to create an alternative voice from the ground up.

Power To The Tweeples!

The real interesting question is the last one: Does the power actually lie in Twitter’s hands? I don't think so, and the fact that it doesn't is what makes it not a media company.

AP Social Media Guidelines Are A Step In The Right Direction

On Tuesday, the Associated Press released an update to its social media guidelines. Obviously a response to the Boston Marathon bombing, the updates were intended to focus mostly on the news gathering and dissemination process around breaking news events -- called “sensitive situations.” And they did a decent job.This is my favorite part:If some of this advice doesn’t sound very concrete, there’s a good reason -- a lot of these decisions need to be made on a case-by-case basis, and they require you to call on your journalistic instincts.