Goldman Sachs Wins! Feds 'Quietly' Drop Key Financial Crisis Case

The Justice Dept. said there was "not a viable basis to bring a criminal prosecution" against Goldman Sachs, quietly ending a yearlong investigation into allegations the firm bet against the same subprime mortgage-backed securities that it also sold to its clients.

Obama’s Secret College Transcripts

The mainstream news media can’t stop obsessing over Mitt Romney’s tax returns. “Will he or won’t he release them?” they keep asking. What terrible secrets are hidden among Romney’s mortgage interest deductions and depreciation write-offs?

"We Need To Shrink" -- Fannie Mae CEO

Fannie Mae (OTC: FNMA), the largest government-controlled mortgage backer, reported its second consecutive quarterly profit for the first time in five years Wednesday, but its CEO said the company should cede business to private investors when the housing market finally recovers.

Here’s What Fed May Do Instead Of QE3

The Federal Reserve sent some strong messages in its latest policy statement that it is heading toward new easing measures to buck up the weak economy. But the central bank may have a different caliber of weapon in mind other than launching another round of large-scale asset purchases, or QE3.

Oneal Ron Morris Charged With Manslaughter For Killing Patient Shatarka Nuby After Injecting Cement And Super Glue Into Her Butt

Popularly known as the "Toxic Tush" practitioner, the fake doctor Oneal Ron Morris who allegedly injected chemicals like bathroom caulk, cement, fix-a-flat, super glue and mineral oil into patients claiming it was silicone in order to enhance their butt, was charged with manslaughter on Thursday and convicted for the death of one of her patients: 31-year-old Shatarka Nuby.

Investors Demand Strong Outlook, Guidance; Earnings 'Beats' Aren't Enough

U.S. companies have been finding it much easier to deliver earnings beats, or profits that are higher than expected, as analysts on Wall Street continue to trim their forecasts for earnings growth. However, they might have also come to realize that beating earnings expectations alone is not enough to help their stock prices.

FHFA Explores Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Receivership Plan

The future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two government-controlled entities that guarantee around 60 percent of the U.S. mortgage market, remains uncertain, but their federal regulator is requesting a plan to wind them down and sell their assets.

Homeownership: (Millennials) Downsizing The American Dream

The recession and housing crash have triggered a sharp decline in the share of American households who own their own home. Homeownership, which is at its lowest point in 15 years, is bound to fall even further, driven by tight credit, lackluster economic growth and more foreclosures.

Fed Ready To Do More To Increase Job Growth: Bernanke

The head of the world's most powerful central bank said it stands ready to offer additional monetary support to a U.S. economy that has slowed significantly in recent months, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told lawmakers on Tuesday.