Comet NEOWISE Captured In Stunning Photo

An amateur astronomer from Arizona was able to capture a stunning photo of comet NEOWISE in broad daylight. The comet made its appearance after flying close to the Sun.

Comet NEOWISE Rapidly Brightens As It Approaches The Sun

NASA’s solar satellite detected the sudden increase in the brightness of a comet that’s currently moving towards the Sun. Scientists believe that the comet will become visible to the human eye within the next couple of days.



NASA Detects 6 Asteroids Flying Past Earth This Week

NASA’s automated asteroid tracking system has spotted a total of six near-Earth objects that are expected to fly past the planet this week. One of the approaching asteroids is almost as big as the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Summer Triangle

How To Spot The Summer Triangle Of Stars In The Sky

An annual cosmic phenomenon known as the Summer Triangle has once again appeared in the sky as the summer season rolls in. This is a cosmic pattern that’s formed by three stars from different constellations.