• UFO expert Scott Waring claims to have spotted the remains of a temple on Mars
  • The image of the alleged alien structure was captured by NASA's Curiosity rover
  • Waring believes a race of small alien creatures once lived on Mars

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted the remains of an ancient temple on Mars. According to the expert, the alleged temple was used by aliens that once lived on the red planet.

Claims about an alien temple on Mars were made by Scott Waring of ET DataBase. In his latest blog post, Waring noted that he saw the image of the alleged temple while he was browsing through Gigapan, a website that features high-resolution images of Mars.

The details of the photo reveal that it was taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover on SOL 595, which is equivalent to April 8, 2014, on Earth. The photo shows a barren landscape on Mars with a hill filled with different-sized rocks.

While viewing the photo, Waring saw an object near the top of the hill. After zooming in on the object, he claimed that the object was part of a structure on Mars.

Based on the image, Waring believes that the object used to be the structure surrounding a doorway to an ancient alien temple. The UFO expert noted that the entire temple was most likely very small due to the size of the doorway. This means that the alleged aliens that used the temple were also very small.

For Waring, the image of the alleged doorway proves that a race of small alien creatures once thrived on Mars. This notion coincides with his previous blog posts about finding small alien structures on the red planet.

“I was looking over some NASA Mars photos and came across something on a hilltop,” Waring stated in a blog post. “A structure. Its upper walls were made with horizontal layers, but its doorway was made of vertical layers. That shows intelligent design. That is undeniably alien made. The structure is about 2 meters by 2 meters. So the species that made it had to be small enough to go through the doorway...which is about 0.7 x 0.7 meters square.”

Although Waring used a photo captured by the Curiosity rover on Mars in his blog post, there is no information from NASA that supports his claims.

SOL 595
This image was taken by MAST_RIGHT onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 595 (2014-04-09T12:56:53.000Z) NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS