• UFO expert Scott Waring claimed to have spotted an alien vessel on the Moon
  • Photo of the alleged alien ship was captured by NASA's lunar orbiter
  • Waring believes the image proves that aliens are living on the Moon

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted an alien vessel in a photo of the Moon. According to the expert, the alleged alien ship landed in a lunar crater.

The strange sighting was reported by Scott Waring of ET DataBase through a recent blog post. He said he spotted the alleged alien vessel while he was going through the images featured on the website of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).

The LRO is a robotic spacecraft launched by NASA in 2009 to observe the lunar surface from orbit. It takes images of the Moon using the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera.

The image is a high-resolution photo of the Moon’s surface. While viewing the photo, Waring claimed to have spotted a strange object inside one of the craters. After examining the image, Waring concluded that the object was an alien vessel that landed on the Moon. According to the UFO expert, the alleged alien ship had a unique feature that allowed it to land on various locations on the Moon.

“I found this black structure today,” he stated in a blog post. “I often report such black structures, but this one can is a ship and flat on its bottom so it can land in different locations...this one has landed inside of a crater on the Moon. Because of its location...surrounded by white...the black object stands out even more powerfully.”

Using the image’s digital ruler, Waring estimated that the crater where the alien ship landed in was about 50 miles across. Based on the photo, Waring noted that the alleged vessel could be about 25 miles long.

According to Waring, the photo proves that alien life exists on the Moon.

“The measurement at the bottom right of the map says 50 miles,” Waring stated. “Therefore, the UFO I am reporting today also is 25 miles across according to the NASA measurement made in the map photo system. Screenshot of the landed UFO near the 50M ruler is seen below.”

There is no information or statement from NASA that supports Waring’s claims about the alleged alien vessel on the Moon.

Aristarchus Crater
Sunrise lighting enhances surface texture on Aristarchus crater (40 km diameter). Northwest (upper left) of the crater is the mysterious Aristarchus plateau, to the east, southeast, and south lies the edge of the vast mare Oceanus Procellarum. Small white arrows indicate approximate corners of the NAC panorama, vertical line on right shows the LRO orbit ground track when this NAC panorama was acquired. LROC WAC mosaic. NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University