NASA Spots Thousands Of Black Holes Near Milky Way’s Center

NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory was able to find evidence indicating that about a thousand new black holes exist near the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The agency explained that this finding supports the theories about black holes moving towards the center of Earth’s neighborhood.

Comet May Become Visible To The Human Eye Next Week

Astronomers revealed that a newly discovered comet could become bright enough to be spotted by the human eye starting next week. The icy object’s brightness is expected to increase as it continues to move closer towards the Sun.

NASA Asteroid Tracker: 2 NEOs To Zip Past Earth Wednesday

NASA’s automated asteroid tracking system has spotted two near-Earth objects that are expected to fly past the planet on Wednesday (June 17). According to the data collected by the agency, one of the approaching asteroids is almost as big as the Statue of Liberty.



NASA Tracker: 223-Foot Asteroid Flying Past Earth At 24,000 MPH

NASA’s automated asteroid tracking system has detected a massive asteroid that’s expected to approach Earth on Tuesday (June 16). Based on the data gathered by the agency, the incoming asteroid is about as big as the wingspan of a Boeing 747 plane.