• UFO expert Scott Waring claimed to have spotted an alien base on the Moon
  • He claims the alleged alien base was captured by NASA's LRO that is currently on a mapping mission
  • Waring believes the alleged base was a bioengineered structure as it apparently features the characteristics of both biological organisms and mechanical objects

A UFO expert has claimed to have spotted an alien base in one of the craters on the Moon while viewing images taken by NASA’s lunar satellite. Based on the appearance of the object, the expert believes the alleged base could be a bioengineered structure.

The strange claims about an alien base on the lunar surface were reported by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. According to Waring’s blog post, he saw the image of the alleged base while viewing the photos captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which is a robotic spacecraft launched by NASA in 2009.

The LRO is currently on a mapping mission on the Moon, which involves taking images of the natural satellite’s surface from its orbit.

While viewing the photo, Waring spotted an object with a strange shape in one of the craters on the surface. Based on the LRO website scale ruler, the object appears to be about 50 meters wide.

After using photo-editing software to get a clearer glimpse of the object, Waring claimed that it appeared to be a structure that was used by aliens on the Moon. However, instead of being built, Waring said that the alleged alien structure may have been grown due to its bioengineered design.

Waring believes that due to their advanced technological state, alien races have resorted to using bioengineered structures, which feature the characteristics of both biological organisms and mechanical objects.

“I believe this structure to be grown, a bioengineered structure,” he said in a blog post. “Most alien species are so advanced they don't want to bother making things the old fashioned way, so growing their structures saves them time, time in which they could use doing other activities.”

After examining the image, Waring was able to identify a couple of physical features of the alleged alien base. Aside from the various openings, Waring claimed that the object also had wings, which indicates that the alleged base was capable of flying.

“Notice the wing on the top,” Waring claimed. “The opening in the front. It’s a structure but also a spaceship that can be moved from place to place.”

Despite serving as Waring’s main source in his blog post, neither the LRO team nor NASA has released information verifying his claims about an alleged alien base on the Moon.

LROC Image
Image taken by the LRO NASA/LROC