• UFO expert Scott Waring claimed to have spotted an alien vessel exiting the Sun
  • The image of the alleged alien vessel was captured by NASA's solar satellite
  • Waring believes the Sun is hollow and inhabited by aliens 

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted a massive orb flying out of the Sun. According to the expert, the image of the mysterious object indicates that the Sun may be hollow and inhabited by aliens.

Scott Waring of ET Data Base stated in a recent blog post that the image of the object was taken by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a robotic satellite designed to observe the Sun.

While going through the data collected by SOHO, Waring came across a short video of the Sun that was taken on June 27. In the video, a large black-colored object can be seen hovering above the surface of the Sun. Then, after a while, the mysterious object begins to move away from the giant star.

Based on the size of the Sun, Waring noted that the object could be about 25 times bigger than Earth.

“The black sphere is over 25 times the size of the Earth and sits there for a few hours before it shoots away,” he stated in a blog post. “This is certainly one of the biggest spheres seen near our Sun in a while.”

Waring noted that if the object was a solar emission, then it should have had the same color as the Sun. Due to this, the UFO expert believes that the object may be a massive vessel used by aliens.

According to Waring, the image captured by NASA solar satellite proves his theory about the Sun being hollow. Waring believes that the Sun is inhabited by aliens that exit the star and travel across space using massive vessels.

“Now it’s certainly possible that this is the Sun’s mantle material being pushed out,” he stated in a blog post. “But if so, it should be glowing and still burning to some degree, but it’s not. So there is a big chance that his black sphere is actually an alien ship or space station that was occupying a hollow space within our Sun and then was seen exiting.”

Despite Waring’s post about the image captured by the SOHO satellite, NASA has not released a statement acknowledging or confirming the UFO expert’s claims.

Image captured by NASA's SOHO satellite. NASA/SOHO