• Combat encounters in "Tales of Arise" get more difficult in the later stages of the game
  • Players must use every trick in the book if they want to efficiently clear combat encounters
  • Prepare for plenty of combo experimentation across multiple party members

Combat encounters in “Tales of Arise” get more difficult as the game progresses. This forces players to remain at the top of their game if they want to conserve the party’s HP and CP, especially in the later dungeons.

The basics of fighting in the game are easy to grasp but difficult to master. Players will have to put everything they’ve learned throughout their journey to practice in order to make the most efficient progress in the game and prevent any unnecessary party wipes.

Here are a few advanced combat mechanics to help players who are having trouble in the later stages of “Tales of Arise.”

Alphen in Tales of Arise uses swift swordplay mixed with elemental attacks to deal massive damage Alphen in Tales of Arise uses swift swordplay mixed with elemental attacks to deal massive damage Photo: Bandai namco

Boost Attack Combo Extensions

Boost Attacks are primarily used to counter certain enemy types like flyers and chargers. However, these moves can also be used to extend combos, either by providing extra AG or by closing in on distant enemies.

Actively-controlled characters gain additional AG after a Boost Attack is performed by anyone on the party, which effectively allows players to throw in at least two extra artes attacks before finishing a combo.

Boost Attacks also allow players to hit distant enemies, adding a few extra hits which can possibly open enemies up for a Boost Strike. More importantly, Boost Attacks teleport allies close to an enemy; players can actually switch to the attacking ally mid-animation and continue a different combo from there.

Over Limit Mode

Chaining perfect blocks/dodges or getting repeatedly hit in a short span of time puts characters into Over Limit mode, which is represented by a blue bar under their models. Over Limit lets characters spam abilities without using AG and gives them access to a powerful Mystic Arte that deals tons of damage.

The AG cost reduction alone is enough to make Over Limit worth investing in. Each character has passive skills in their skill trees that make Over Limit easier to achieve.

Practice In The Combat Arena

The game’s third region has a practice arena that players can visit for some stress-free practice fights. This arena is great for getting to know a party member’s moves, and some of its challenges have some worthwhile rewards as well.

Solo arena challenges also reward party members with new titles in their skill trees.