• Accessories can be crafted after reaching the second region of “Tales of Arise”
  • The type and rarity of ores determine the kind of accessories produced
  • Accessory skills can be transferred from one into another later in the game

Crafting accessories is an important part of “Tales of Arise,” as it’s one of the best ways to improve a character’s stats and overall performance during battles. Players should always try to get the best accessories as possible, but this might be easier said than done.

Accessories can be crafted relatively early into the game. However, the accessory options in this stage are situational and underwhelming. As players progress to the main story of “Tales of Arise,” they will get access to better ores and materials which, in turn, can be made into more powerful items.

How to craft accessories

Once accessory crafting is unlocked, players can speak to any of the travelling merchants or specialized jewel crafters in towns. To craft an accessory, players must talk to a craftsman NPC and pick the accessory they wish to make. This will require certain ores and a small sum of Gald to complete.

The nuances in this crafting system come later in the game after rarer ores are discovered. Ores come in different tiers, with 5-star ores being the rarest and most powerful. Accessories crafted with rarer ores can be upgraded to have more bonuses than their lesser counterparts.

How to upgrade accessories

Every accessory starts with a base skill and a number of sub-skills depending on their rarity. A Warrior’s Emblem, for example, always comes with a +15% bonus to the Attack stat. The same emblem made with rarer ores can come with two to four extra skills.

These extra skills will remain dormant until the accessory is enhanced. To enhance accessories, players must sacrifice ores or other accessories in order to raise the star level of the one they wish to upgrade.

A fully upgraded accessory will have full access to all of its skills, making it substantially more powerful.

Transferring Accessory Skills

Fully-upgraded accessories can be sacrificed to change one skill in any accessory. This process is called Skill Transfer, and it can be used to optimize an accessory based on preference. Skill Transfer is unlocked after reaching a certain point in the story.

This feature allows players to overwrite one skill with another. The sacrificial accessory will be destroyed and the overwritten skill will disappear after Skill Transfer is complete.

Tales of Arise features a refined combat system that focuses on combos and countering enemy attacks Tales of Arise features a refined combat system that focuses on combos and countering enemy attacks Photo: Bandai Namco