• Shionne uses rifle attacks, special munitions and a variety of spells to heal allies or hurt enemies in "Tales of Arise"
  • She can instantly down flying enemies with her Boost Attack
  • Shionne's moves are slow, but they hit multiple times per cast

Shionne is a hybrid character who can bombard enemies with a plethora of ranged attacks and heal allies who get a little too injured. She can hold her own in a fight, but "Tales of Arise" players who want to try controlling her instead of Alphen may find themselves confused as to how she actually plays.

Unlike Alphen, Shionne has a more methodical playstyle that rewards careful execution with tremendous amounts of elemental damage. She attacks more slowly, and her hardest-hitting abilities take time to cast. But once all of the pieces fall into place, Shionne can devastate targets with overwhelming firepower.

Shionne’s Playstyle

Offensively, Shionne uses rifle attacks, bombs and astral artes to deal damage. She has a number of artes that let her dodge while attacking, as well as some long-ranged blasts to deal damage from the back of the party.

Tales of Arise has an action-based combat system that focuses on performing combos and synergizing with party members Tales of Arise has an action-based combat system that focuses on performing combos and synergizing with party members Photo: Bandai Namco

Shionne works best when enemies are downed or otherwise distracted, as this gives her time to cast her astral artes for massive damage. Her access to a multitude of elements makes her very flexible when it comes to exploiting weaknesses. She can use Special Ammo to empower some of her abilities as well as to create unique effects.

Lastly, Shionne specializes in taking down flying enemies. Her Boost Attack will immediately ground all flyers hit, making them easy targets for the rest of the party.

Shionne’s Artes and Combos

Players will need to think differently when performing combos with Shionne since her fighting style is a little unorthodox. She has a number of artes attacks that hit multiple times, which are great for keeping enemies staggered in place.

Inflicting the Break status on enemies is crucial for Shionne. Broken enemies who are constantly getting hit by some of Shionne’s other abilities give her enough time to cast some of her signature astral artes. However, players can effectively combo with her even without using her high-impact spells. Here’s an example of a bomb-centric combo:

  • Ground Attacks
    • Ignis Celestra
    • Tonitus Celestra
    • Gravitas Field
  • Aerial Attacks
    • Displode
    • Aqueous Impact
    • Spear Sweep

Remember to hold down the buttons tied to the bomb abilities to use their empowered versions then jump manually to access aerial moves. To access her support spells, simply swap to another character and let the AI cast First-Aid or Resurrect.