Argh mateys! In celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Krispy Kreme is bringing back its annual promotion, giving away free food to customers in the U.S. and Canada who participate in the swashbuckling holiday Friday. “Avast mateys! Thar be a fine bounty fer ye tomorrow at our shops,” Krispy Kreme said Thursday.

So how do you get a Krispy Kreme freebie? While there's no secret code or coupon needed, Krispy Kreme customers are required to talk like a pirate, or dress like a pirate to score a free doughnut. Participants who talk like a pirate will receive one free original glazed doughnut. Those who wear three of more pirate-like items will receive one free dozen of original glazed doughnuts. Qualifying garb includes an eye patch, pirate hat, pirate flag, bandana, peg leg, parrot on the shoulder, loose white shirt, silver/gold necklaces and earrings, pirate hook, pointy black boots and ragged brown sandals are valid. Real weapons are prohibited.

The offer is only valid during business hours Friday. Locations in Puerto Rico, Spartanburg-Anderson, South Carolina and Connecticut shops aren't included in the promo. Find a participating location near you here.

In honor of the holiday, Krispy Kreme has also released a special Pirate Doughnut. The classic white-iced, Kreme-filled treat comes decorated like a pirate, featuring a face sporting a red eye patch. "Get em’ before they walk the plank,” teases the promotion. The 400-calorie doughnut is available for a limited time only.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day was first pioneered by Albany, Oregon residents John Baur and Mark Summers in 1995. The idea for the holiday reportedly stemmed from a sports injury, which caused Summers to say “Arrr!” “One thing led to another. ‘That be a fine cannonade,’ one said, to be followed by ‘Now watch as I fire a broadside straight into your yardarm!’ and other such helpful phrases," according to the annual celebration's official website. "By the time our hour on the court was over, we realized that lapsing into pirate lingo had made the game more fun and the time pass more quickly. We decided then and there that what the world really needed was a new national holiday, Talk Like a Pirate Day." The holiday rose to fame in 2002 when Baur shared the idea with comedian and nationally syndicated columnist Dave Barry.