TeaTV is growing popular as a free Android TeaTV app streaming TV shows and movies.

Many are calling it the new Netflix as the TeaTV offers a wide platter of pirated movies including Joker. But piracy is a concern although it is showing a semblance of legitimacy by running ads of big brands.

It brings content from entrenched networks like HBO and Netflix and is benign with new releases from top studios.

The audience seeking free movie streaming is driving the app’s growth, per CNBC report.

Offering easy download the free APK app is easy to be installed on any Android tablet or smartphone in addition to Firestick, Fire TV, Android TVs, or Android TV set-top boxes.

Consumers can also download the TeaTV app to Android, Windows or macOS and enjoy “free 1080p movies.”

TeaTV connects users to many third-party video repositories housing the original content.

The risks of TeatTV include legal issues on piracy and catching spyware during the download. TeaTV app risk rises if there is no safeguard as in Malwarebytes or other anti-virus guards.

The mystery of Ads despite piracy

Surprisingly, TeaTV shows ads during the show from notable brands such as TikTok, BET+, the Madden Mobile video game, Pandora, Pluto TV, Hulu, and Yahoo Mail.

Advertisers like Walgreens, Amazon’s Fire TV and Kia, The Trade Desk and Adroll stopped ads in early October after CNBC contacted advertisers and ad-tech companies.

A Walgreens spokesperson said the company was not aware and is against running ads on sites with pirated content. The company also added that it will look into the matter.

The website of TeaTV gives no clue about the company’s location, phone number, or the name of any individual. The only information is a Gmail address.

But CNBC drew a blank after writing to that mail. But the Twitter handle shares some new releases and troubleshoots problems.

Netflix to restrict password sharing

Meanwhile, Netflix is gearing up to crack down on password sharing during the Netflix sign in.

According to Chief Product Officer Greg Peters, Netflix will monitor the situation and hinted the company is determined to quash the practice of password sharing.

Multiple reports claim that some Smart TVs may no longer stream Netflix shows starting Dec 2019.
Multiple reports claim that some Smart TVs may no longer stream Netflix shows starting Dec 2019. AFP / Chris Delmas

But Peters said this would be done without alienating the service's existing user base of Netflix movies.

At present, only four devices can stream Netflix at any given time but the number of people with whom a subscriber can share his password has no limit.

Spotify has made such changes by targeting listeners of its Spotify Premium Family Subscription.

It requires members of a family to prove they are all living at the same address. A spokesman said owners would be insisted “to provide a valid home address at signup using Google Maps.”