Technology and Easing Travel Restrictions Have Made Travel to Europe A Lot Easier
Technology and Easing Travel Restrictions Have Made Travel to Europe A Lot Easier Unsplash

Travel is possibly one of the fastest recovering sectors in Europe and Europe travel experts have predicted that travel to Europe will get easier in the near future due to both easing travel restrictions and the implementation of new travel technology.

With the rising numbers of fully vaccinated people around the world, borders have begun reopening and testing out the waters with great success, especially around the regions of Europe. Being locked at home and practicing social distancing in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 for almost two years meant that a great number of travelers were ready to go on European tours and take adventures once the borders reopened. However, due to the travel restrictions in place for tourism in the initial stages, the industry did not see the kind of numbers they had expected, but rather, staggered influxes. Now that Europe and many other countries have done away with these restrictions, it seems like travel is back on the agenda for many.

According to reports, the numbers have skyrocketed to pre-pandemic days, the demand for short getaways soaring to new heights due to the pent-up demand for travel. Short-haul bookings are reported to be the driving force behind the recovery as many travelers are still cautious regarding long distance travels as Covid cases are still on the rise. Furthermore, tourists from the US are also wary regarding travel to Europe due to the lingering conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The New York Times reported that bookings to Europe fell by 23 percent in the first week of the war, but the numbers have climbed since then. Aside from the political effects of the war on the countries in its region, the rising prices has also impacted the sector’s road to recovery. The new downturn in the region’s economy might not spell disaster yet for European travel as it’s worth noting that France and London are still the top performing destinations in Europe in spite of the hurdles that European travel is faced with.

Another advancement that European travel has made is the ease of planning and managing a holiday plan. Numerous agencies and platforms have cropped up following the pandemic as companies and entrepreneurs take advantage of the changing habits of today’s generation and their reliance on the internet. When the pandemic struck the world and forced countries to close borders, it also forced people to work from home, creating a whole new culture and demand for online solutions.

Digitization is moving quickly in today’s landscape, even in an industry like travel which has been more or less put on hold for the past couple of years. Companies are encouraging tourism by making it much more accessible and giving travelers the opportunity to book everything from hotels to flights and even dining options directly from their platform. In this digitized landscape, everyone expects efficiency and convenience, and any innovation that meets this appetite for instantaneous gratification will win over the generations to come, especially in an industry as lucrative as travel.