A woman pleaded to people around the world to stop violence after her 15-year old son was set on fire by teenagers his age in Florida.

Michael Brewer was splashed with rubbing alcohol and set ablaze. Six children were charged with aggravated battery in the attack: 15-year old Matthew Bent, Denver Jarvis, Steven Shelton and Jesus Mendez, and 13-year old Jeremy Jarvis.

Brewer's mom, Valerie, told NBC's Today Show this was a nightmare and called out for peace. What they did to my son...we need to stop this now.

Michael suffered burns in torso, arms and most of his hair, and was taken to Jackson Memorial Ryder Trauma Center where doctors said he would remain several months.

He is in risk of infection and organ failure but his doctor said he is doing as well as can be expected, according to the Today Show.

The dispute occurred after one of the teens tried to steal Michael's father bike in repay of $40 Michael owed the teen. Michael was petrified to go to school, his mother said. He didn't go to school but that day the teens attacked him in an apartment complex.