Months after announcing her second pregnancy, this time with longtime boyfriend Taylor McKinney, Maci Bookout is dishing up all the dirt about baby No. 2 - including the child's name. The couple made the initial announcement via InTouch in Dec. 2014, and confirmed on Twitter. In the article, Bookout revealed that she had believed having more children was out of the question for her after receiving a polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis some time ago. The Tennessee-native said she was in disbelief, taking four pregnancy tests just to convince herself.

Six years later, Bookout is three months from giving birth to her first daughter. Although the little girl's not due until June, the couple have settled on a name. Much like her big brother Bentley's, it's very unique. 

"It's Jayde and her middle name is Carter," she told E! News. "No more changes. We finally agree and really feel like this is the perfect fit."

While her pregnancy came as a surprise, Bookout says this time around it's been a very "positive experience." She and McKinney, who have been together for two years, are enjoying the pregnancy and are extremely excited to be parents.

"It's a positive experience and I feel like I'm allowed to be happy and allowed to be excited," she said. "Before, it was just negative. I wanted to hide from the world and not talk about it because I was only 16."

She told People she hopes to settle down with McKinney in the near future, but isn't in a rush. The couple, who were long distance for much of their early relationship, have discussed it and ultimately decided they want to first settle into life with two children.

"We definitely want to get married and we've talked about it a lot," she told the magazine. "But we aren't trying to cram it all in at one time. After the baby comes and we get settled in with parenting two children, then that will definitely be our next step."

Bookout's first pregnancy in 2009 with then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards was documented for the "16 and Pregnant" cameras. Unfortunately their relationship did not hold up under the pressures of teen parenting. The two continued to allow their tumultuous relationship to play out in front of the cameras for years, arguing about everything from custody, to new significant others and more.

The young mother says she and Edwards have since given up fighting for the sake of 6-year-old Bentley. She told People both she and her ex have come to realize that it's just not worth it. Bookout attributes this to the maturity they've gained over the years.

"We don't argue with each other," she said. "I guess we just learned it's just not worth the energy, and we've grown up a little bit."

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