Tek Robotic Mobilization
Tek Robotic Mobilization tekrmd

Technology is quickly advancing and many of the new, innovative tech toys released in recent years were things we thought would not have been possible earlier. Yet technology has proved there are no boundaries. Something new is on the horizon today, something that could change the lives of paraplegics forever if done right.

For decades paraplegics have been forced to be seated in a wheelchair to get around. The biggest change to the wheelchair are those that are battery powered and can be driven around without grabbing at the wheels. Still, paraplegics had to be seated. However, Tek Robotic Mobilization Device for paraplegics could be the device that changes things forever.

The new Tek Robotic Mobilization Device is designed to help those who have lost the use of their legs to stand up and do things they normally couldn't have done in a wheelchair. It may not allow them to walk, but it is much better than a device that forces them to be seated for the rest of their lives. However, don't be mistaken - the Tek Robotic Mobilization Device will not replace wheelchairs. The two will work together. Wheelchairs will always be needed until there comes a time when doctors can make a person walk again. So until then, paraplegics will still be seated. The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device is just for those days when someone wants to get up from their wheelchair and clean the house or do other chores without seeking help from others. To feel and be independent is what everyone desires, no one likes to be a burden, and this device helps to fix that problem.

First thing you will notice about the Tek RMD, is its striking resemblance to the Segway, though it is larger, heavier, and slower. It weighs around 172 pounds, has a top speed of up to 2mph, and can travel at 9 miles on a single charge. To get oneself onto the Tek RMD is not a difficult task, just control it with a remote control to bring it towards you, and heist yourself onto it. Users would then be required to strap themselves down and from there, they are good to travel.

We are glad to see technological advancements like these taking place and actually making a difference. Too many times we've seen similar products that never see the light of day, which makes us wonder if these big companies care about anything else but money.

(reported by Vamien MacKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)