Viewers tuning in to the newly launched Fox Sports 1 on Friday may have gotten more than they bargained for, as NFL legend and current football analyst Terry Bradshaw dropped an F-bomb live during the evening broadcast of “Fox Football Daily.”

According to The Big Lead, the show was technically in a commercial break, but Fox Sports 1 decided to do a live cut-in to give viewers a taste of what goes on behind the scenes. The results weren’t pretty.

Terry Bradshaw was shown talking to fellow analyst and former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, when the cameras caught Bradshaw in the middle of a profanity-laced joke as the two walked together in the studio. “Besides, I wouldn’t have f----d his old ugly-a-- mother anyway,” Bradshaw said. “God dang. I got more pride than that.”

Neither Bradshaw nor Johnson publicly addressed the incident, but Fox Sports issued a statement after the clip went viral online.

“Fox Sports apologizes for the inadvertent and inappropriate language heard during a commercial break on Friday’s edition of Fox Football Daily on Fox Sports 1,” the statement reads. “The personalities in the studio, including Terry Bradshaw, were unaware that we’d be going to the set live at that time. We apologize to Terry and viewers who unfortunately heard the comments. We are reviewing our procedures to make sure this does not happen again.”

Mercifully, it appears Bradshaw won’t catch any heat from Fox for his comments. After all, the whole thing took place when Fox decided to offer a quick sneak peek to viewers, not during the actual broadcast.

Watch footage of Bradshaw’s F-bomb below: