Elon Musk announced his electric car company Tesla is building a humanoid robot called “Tesla Bot.”

The robot, revealed at Tesla's AI Day, will run on the same artificial intelligence as Tesla’s automated cars and is designed to do repetitive day-to-day, boring or even dangerous tasks. Musk says the robot will transform the world economy by driving down labor costs, though he admitted it “probably won’t work at first.”

“It’s intended to be friendly of course,” he said, according to CNBC.

“Things that I think are really hard about having a useful humanoid robot is it can’t navigate through a world without being explicitly trained, without explicit line-by-line instructions,” Musk explained, via The Hill.

“Can you talk to it and say ‘please pick up that bolt and attach it to a car with that wrench, and it should be able to do that. It should be able to, you know, ‘please go to the store and get me the following groceries’, that kind of thing. So yeah I think we can do that,” he added.

“Essentially, in the future, physical work will be a choice. If you want to do it you can, but you don’t need to do it,” Musk said.

The robot is 5-foot-8-inches tall, 125 pounds and will be built from “lightweight materials.” The humanoid has a screen where the head is for useful information, and it will also have autopilot cameras. The robot is designed so humans will be able to run away from it or overpower it.

“Hopefully that won’t happen, but you never know,” Musk joked.

Musk says the prototype will be unveiled later next year.