The Tesla Cybertruck has been making waves in the automotive industry since it was unveiled last week. Its groundbreaking and never before seen design earns praises and criticisms, particularly in the online community. A new study reveals that the all-electric pickup truck from Tesla is opening new doors and exploring new segments where the Tesla Model 3 is not popular.

Since it was launched last week, Tesla Cybertruck has more than a quarter-million pre-orders. The new report evaluates where these reservations come from, and it looks promising for the electric vehicle maker. Based on the report, it appears that the Tesla Cybertruck is more popular in areas where penetration of electric vehicles is low.

Tesla’s brand appeal is on the coasts; despite this, it seems that the Cybertruck is breaking new ground and is doing well in the heartland. In this area, pickup trucks are more popular than the sedan, traditionally. Ark Invest’s Brett Winton broke down the pre-order data between the Tesla Cybertruck and Model 3 after some complex Google trends work.

The map, as shown below, is colored based on relative interest between Cybertruck and Model 3. Green represents states that showed interest in Cybertruck, while red means states with more interest in Model 3. It is noticeable that there were more reservations for Tesla Model 3 over Cybertruck.

However, the spread of geographical areas where the reservations are coming from is promising for the electric vehicle maker. This suggests that Cybertruck might be opening new markets that the electric vehicle has not been popular in the past.  California, which is the largest auto and EV market in the US, remains the highest volume of Cybertruck pre-orders with an estimated 32.2K, which is just about half of Model 3 pre-orders.

Interests in West Virginia, Wyoming, Idaho, Arkansas, Maine, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Mississippi, and New Mexico are all way up. Winton also shared that Tesla Cybertruck has attracted unprecedented attention in the international market. The UK, Russia, Canada, South Africa, and Mexico have their eyes set on the all-electric pickup truck anticipated to start production in 2021.