Electric car maker Tesla’s long-time hater has turned into an ardent admirer thanks to the charm of Model X.

Jim Cramer, the host at CNBC has been a harsh critic of Tesla stock. But on Tuesday he announced that he is in the market to buy a Tesla Model X sport utility vehicle for his wife, Lisa, as she is adamant about buying it.

An enthusiastic Cramer also tweeted at Musk, saying: “Had a fantastic ride in the Model X” and “now my wife insists we buy!” “The car is too damn great,” Cramer said. “I have to admit it’s just an unbelievable experience,” the “Mad Money” host added.

Cramer, who has crossed swords with Musk on Twitter in the past, said he is yet to get a reply from the Tesla CEO. The Tesla Model X is a highly sought after seven-seater SUV which travels 475km in a single charge.

Bitter critic so far

Cramer has been outspoken about Tesla. He has praised CEO Elon Musk for his genius as a modern-day “P.T. Barnum” but also slammed his bloomers such as the “funding secured” take-private tweet in August 2018.

According to Market Watch, Cramer is also known for pushing the idea that Musk may be removed as CEO.

Cramer’s take on Tesla’s new Cybertruck is also viral. He made fun of Tesla’s Cybertruck as “a bit of a bust.”

Cramer also compared Tesla’s truck efforts to that of Ford’s Edsel futuristic car 60 years ago. The TV host also revealed his bad experience with Tesla Model 3 when he put a $300 reservation when it was being launched a couple of years ago.

On Tuesday he said, “I got my Model 3 money back,” and his wife “gave up after six months” on the Model 3.

However, of late, Cramer says he wanted life easy on Twitter, and refrains from bashing or recommending the Tesla stock because Tesla fans and Tesla haters are evenly divided on social media. Taking either side means coming into the firing line of the other group.

Tesla Model X
Soon, we'll have Tesla Model Y to be unveiled too. Pictured: A new Tesla Model X Crossover SUV is displayed on September 29, 2015 in Fremont, California. After several production delays, Tesla CEO Elon Musk officially launched the much anticipated Tesla Model X Crossover SUV. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Meanwhile, more challengers are coming to the stable of Tesla Model X competitors in addition to entrenched Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-Tron, per Fox news.

It reported that a battery-powered Lincoln SUV by Ford is in the works and will be unveiled by mid-2022. The report also adds that it will be the first Ford Motor vehicle being built on a custom electrified chassis looking like a skateboard.