Tesla, the Silicon-based car manufacturer, has recently released a software update that the company thinks will make a much better user experience. The Tesla Autopilot update has been released to address recent issues experienced by many Tesla drivers.

The latest software update brings improvement in driving visualization, which allows the Tesla vehicles to distinguish the difference between trucks and buses. More importantly, the software also provides enough room or spaces while overtaking large vehicles, thus preventing a potential collision or road accident.

According to reports, the electric carmaker has released small fixes to its software with V10 2019.32.11, finally improving the Autopilot software. Based on a recently released shared video from a member of the Tesla community, it appears that Autopilot software is now safe to use. The new software now gives large trucks additional space when overtaking those large vehicles on multiple-lane roads. Another video shared by Tesla enthusiast Scott Kubo showed multiple examples of Tesla Model 3 providing more room when overtaking large vehicles. Kubo is reportedly using a basic Tesla Autopilot software with added Autosteer, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping features.

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Tesla shares fell after third-quarter deliveries missed estimates AFP / DENIS CHARLET

The new software feature will ensure road safety, on any highway or multiple-lane road. It will also help increase the driver’s confidence when navigating using the Tesla Autopilot software. Check out Scott Kubo’s video of Tesla Autopilot’s minor improvements, to learn more about the improvement made.

Meanwhile, Tesla might add some options to its Autopilot feature that would allow Tesla owners to choose routes. Originally, routes chosen by Tesla Autopilot have based on the most energy-efficient options, but that might change in the coming days. CEO Elon Musk hints possible changes in the future. On his official Twitter account, Musk inquired to his Twitter followers any requests that they want in the future updates.

Many requests were sent and posted on Twitter, but only one caught Musk's attention. This was the suggestion from his followers about a feature that will allow Tesla owners to choose a route based on more Autopilot and not just the shortest travel time, according to the Twitter post. Fortunately, Musk agreed to the follower’s suggestion.