• The Tesla Model Y will have a lot more storage space and a bigger rear hatch
  • It offers more than four times the storage space available on the Tesla Model 3
  • The Model Y gets to market in March -- hopefully

No claustrophobic trunk and frunk for the widely-anticipated Tesla Model Y electric compact crossover utility vehicle still expected to hit showrooms in March.

One of the unending criticisms of the Tesla Model 3 electric four-door sedan since it got to market in 2017 is its puny trunk size. This drawback has never been attended to by Tesla. The result is that up until today, a Model 3 provides a combined frunk (front trunk) and rear trunk capacity of a mere 396 liters or 14 cubic feet. Not so great a space for an extended out of town trip.

On the other hand, the upcoming Model Y now being assembled at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California offers more than four times the storage space available on the Model 3. The Model Y is expected to have a maximum cargo volume of 1,870 liters (66 cubic feet). This includes all the different compartments: frunk, trunk and the additional cargo space hidden at the base of the trunk. Access to the rear trunk is via a huge hatch that makes it easy to load and unload even bulky items.

Leaked photos of the Tesla Model Y trunk circulating on social media confirm the huge cargo space for this electric vehicle (EV), which some complain is just a souped-up Model 3. This Model Y prototype shown on social media photos doesn’t seem to have a third-row configuration. We do know the third-row can apparently lay quite flat based on previous sightings.

The third-row option will allow the Model Y to seat up to seven passengers in total, making it a good bet for ride-sharing.

Videos of a Model Y sprinting, accelerating, turning tight and going through the paces at the test track outside the Tesla Factory have also been uploaded to social media. The Model Y can be seen roaring through the factory’s South Lot.

There are four planned powertrains for the Model Y: Standard Range, Long Range, Long Range with Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive and Performance. The Long Range AWD model and the Performance model are both expected to hit the retail market this March while the Standard Range model is expected to roll-out in 2021.

Online orders for the premium Long Range AWD model and the Performance model have been available since January 29. In November 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the Tesla Model Y will be the first vehicle to be assembled at the Gigafactory Berlin, whose foundations have begun to be laid at a massive site outside Berlin.

tesla model y blue suv
Pictured: The new Tesla Model Y is seen at its unveiling in Hawthorne, California on March 14, 2019. AFP/Getty Images/Frederic J. Brown