Elon Musk has a flair for the dramatic, and things are no different with the upcoming release of Tesla’s pickup truck. The company has been very quiet with the designs of the vehicle to this day, with Musk only going so far as to say that it might be “too futuristic for most people” back in March.

Nobody has any idea of how the truck might look like, and with the California debut coming up next week, it’s pretty safe to say that we probably won’t get a look at it until then. But then Tesla may have leaked the design of the new truck when it revealed the name and logo of the vehicle earlier.

The Cybertruck, stylized as Cybrtrk by the company, was just very recently officially trademarked. The logo, which is pretty much just the name of the truck stylized, looks very futuristic indeed. If the sleek lines are any indicator, the truck itself might be just as futuristic as the logo.

But that might not be all. In the newly-created forum for the truck, cybrtrkownersclub.com, user kumonster showed just how the letters in the logo can come together to form what looks like a pickup truck design unlike any other thus far.

Automotive website Motor 1 commented that this design could very well be an indicator of how the Cybertruck could look like. It notes that Tesla is very capable of such things, and has been known for odd marketing tactics in the past. This could also explain just why the logo looks very unusual, even for a company like Tesla.

But then again, it could also just be a case of pareidolia. While it isn’t unthinkable for Tesla to hide the design of their truck in the logo, it certainly would be a fairly unorthodox way of teasing the design of the truck.

What we do know is that we’re also set to have a very powerful pickup in the future, with over 300,000 pounds of towing capacity while power range could last to as much as 500 miles on a full charge. Some experts even agree that Musk’s direction for its Tesla vehicles has something to do with its future SpaceX missions.

Regardless, it still looks like Tesla has an exciting next few weeks ahead.

Tesla P for Pickup concept
Tesla P for Pickup concept Emre Husmen