Tesla fans and analysts are already raring to see Elon Musk’s latest and perhaps most exciting vehicle to date - the Tesla pickup.

With only a few more weeks left before the expected November launch, most enthusiasts and analysts are still scratching their heads as to how the new utility vehicle would turn out. Tesla CEO Musk has left some breadcrumbs to consider: It will be “cyberpunk” and so futuristic that it will definitely feel at home in a Blade Runner movie.

We’ve seen quite a few impressive renders - from amazing artists like Turkish designer Emre Husmen who pretty much started the Tesla pickup render trend and even one that was created by Star Wars creative Alex Jaeger, the senior visual effects art director and concept designer for Industrial Light and Magic who has worked on big sci-fi films like "Star Wars II" and even "Men In Black."

Curiously, Musk dismissed all these concept designs, saying that the actual pickup is going to be more "Blade Runner"-esque. What this means is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure, Tesla fans and designers continue to be at a frenzy trying to capture Musk’s vision for the new utility vehicle.

Now, new information shows a possible design outline that’s been conceptualized by no less than the actual designer of the Tesla truck concept himself, Sahm Jafari. Jafari, as earlier reported by IBTimes, designed a concept sedan which was called Tesla Zero.

The Model Zero looks nothing like Musk’s supposed cyberpunk vehicle but it does look quite futuristic with its silver and black exterior combo. Per a report from Futurism, there’s just no way that the actual pickup could look like this especially since Musk described the vehicle to be “an armored personnel carrier from the future.”

It needs to be noted, however, that it still has some design points that might prove to be useful for the Tesla pickup including the smooth curve which helps with the truck’s aerodynamics - something it will most likely need if the pickup wants to achieve its 500-mile claim on a full charge.

The timing of the “reveal” or the “leak” also seems suspicious - could Musk be giving us clues on the actual look of the truck? We’ll have to wait until November when the actual vehicle is set to make an appearance.

Tesla pickup on a Tesla truck
Fans will learn more about Tesla Cybertruck Pickup a few days from now as Elon Musk reveals that it is scheduled to be unveiled. Tesla Inc.