For months now, we’ve only seen some excellent design renders of Elon Musk’s highly-mysterious Tesla pick-up.

Ever since Musk showcased an obscure teaser of the pickup truck during the launch of the Tesla Model Y early this year, Tesla fans and analysts never really had any solid image of how the pickup would turn out. What we got instead are exciting statements from Musk, particularly during a podcast wherein he described the truck to be “cyberpunk” and won’t feel out of place in a Blade Runner movie.

The statement has inspired concept designers to come up with their own take of the cyberpunk truck. We first saw the concept design of Turkish designer Emere Husmen, for example, who started a number of futuristic design renders that are truly impressive. It gave us a truck that’s so out-of-this-world that you truly feel that Tesla is bringing something very unique to the market.

We’ve also seen designs visualized by people like “Star Wars” designer Alex Jaeger, the senior visual effects art director and concept designer for Industrial Light and Magic who has worked in big sci-fi films like "Star Wars II" and even "Men In Black." And then there are those like Simone Giertz who took it one step further and “built” her own Tesla pickup by transforming her Model 3 into a working version of the utility vehicle.

However, we are yet to see any concept design of how the truck would look like from the inside - until now. According to a report, the first attempt at rendering the inside of the Tesla Truck has recently been shared by YouTuber Drivable Designs.

The concept design, which was illustrated using pencil and colored pens, was described by the report as merely an “educated guess” but it does have the aesthetics and functionality that one would definitely associate with an electric pickup.

“I made this one to guess how it will look. There are no teaser images or clues, so that made it challenging. I based it off of the Tesla Model 3 and Ford F-150, America’s best selling truck. My interior rendering is more Tesla Model 3 than F-150, but I did try to add some of the F-150's truck-like design,” the designer described in his video.

The Tesla pickup is expected to have three kinds of trims in terms of design. The base model is expected to have a price tag of around $49,000 to $50,000. It will also be a vehicle of power as Musk already claimed that it will have a total towing capacity of 300,000 pounds.

Tesla P for Pickup concept
Tesla P for Pickup concept Emre Husmen