Tesla Car’s elusive and highly-anticipated Tesla pickup might finally have an actual release date and might be introduced to the public in November this year.

According to a report from Engadget, the company may have missed its summer unveiling of the Tesla pickup this year, but it seems like we’ll be seeing the electric utility vehicle before the year ends and November is definitely the most plausible date. In a Twitter post, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that November is the most likely month for the Tesla pickup to drop so both analysts and fans are holding their breath until we could finally see what’s been described as a futuristic, cyberpunk vehicle in the Tesla line.

The Engadget report, however, said that Musk’s timeline should be taken with a grain of salt as he has missed some declared product releases like the enhanced Summon. Musk said that it will arrive in six weeks but already 10 months have passed and the feature is still to be officially announced. But it might be different for the Tesla pickup, an elusive vehicle that was hinted on only with an obscure teaser during the Tesla Model Y launch early this year.

The Tesla pickup remains to be a big mystery for many, but it has definitely amassed an amazing interest around it. In fact, Elon Musk’s latest vehicle is expected to be the benchmark of future electric pickups, with big brands like Ford and Chevrolet always comparing their own vehicle to the Tesla variant.

The pickup is expected to be so futuristic and so out-of-this-world that Musk once described that it won’t feel out of place in a Blade Runner movie. It might even look too “cyberpunk” and the company could resolve to coming up with a more conventional design.

The pickup might also be called the Tesla Model B, based on a video released by Tesla analyst Alex Sibila who based his theory on Musk tweeting some intriguing posts that all allude to bees so many are already assuming that this is in reference to the upcoming pickup.

Next, the Tesla pickup is also expected to have three kinds of trims in terms of design. According to the video, the pickup will have a base model, a middle tier and a performance model. The base model could have a price tag of around $49,000 to $50,000.

The Tesla pickup is also a powerful vehicle with 300,000 pounds of towing capacity, a capability that’s been matched only by the Ford F-150 electric pickup which was able to tow more than 1 million pounds of weight.

Lastly, the Tesla pickup could run upto 500 miles on a full charge, something that traditional pickup owners need who are often situated in farms outside the city where a Tesla charging station is scarce.

Tesla P for Pickup concept
Tesla P for Pickup concept Emre Husmen