Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s highly intriguing Tesla pickup becomes even more interesting thanks to new information that hints of a battery life that could last a million miles. 

According to a report, Tesla is already working on a new battery system that could help vehicles run for a million miles. The battery will be available some time next year, just in time for the production of the Tesla pickup, now being referred to as the Tesla Model B. Could this mean that Tesla is already considering using the new battery on the new utility vehicle? 

There is no solid evidence of that yet. As of today, what we know so far of the Tesla pickup’s range is that it will have an impressive range of around 400 to 500 miles on a full charge. The idea of using a million-mile battery, however, is an exciting proposition. According to a report, having a million-mile battery would take the Tesla truck to a whole new level. 

Early this year, Tesla’s chief engineer announced that a new battery pack that’s designed to last at least one million miles is going to be available sometime in 2020. It can be remembered that Tesla acquired Maxwell Technologies and it is quite possible that the company’s battery researcher Jeff Dahn has been working with the company regarding the new power system. 

“The cars currently built are all designed for a million miles of operation. The drive unit is design, tested, and validated for 1 million miles of operation,” Musk said during the Tesla Autonomy Event held last April wherein he spoke how the battery system will play a major role in the company’s robotaxi plans. 

Although there is no concrete evidence that the million-mile battery will work its way into the Tesla pickup, we won’t be surprised if the new vehicle will someday have the new battery system. Per Musk, Tesla is optimizing every aspect of its vehicles including upgrading the tires and battery power to achieve minimal maintenance. 

The Tesla pickup, interestingly described as “cyberpunk,” will be a vehicle of power that’ll have a towing capacity of 300,000 pounds. It is expected to be filled with all kinds of technological advancements and will also look quite futuristic.