Tesla analysts and fans alike have been keeping a close watch on any news regarding the mysterious Tesla pickup.

In fact, the anticipation for Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s newest vehicle has been so high that it basically trampled on pickup powerhouse Ford F-150 in a Twitter poll conducted a couple of months ago. And it’s easy to understand why — the Tesla pickup is expected to be nothing like any of the utility vehicles found on the market today.

The electric pickup, which some presume will be called the Tesla Model B, is described to be so futuristic that Musk said it has a “cyberpunk” feel and it is something that won’t feel out of place in the movie “Blade Runner.” Despite the description, however, no one actually knows what the pickup would look like and we only have an obscure teaser shown during the Tesla Model Y launch to rely on.

A new video from YouTuber The Mother Frunker aims to help Tesla analysts and fans figure out what they think the new truck would look like by showcasing 20 different concept designs of the Tesla pickup.

The video is said to feature what many believe to be the closest to the official design, featuring some of the most impressive renderings and asking fans which of them they believe could be the real deal.

The video included the concepts from artists like The Sketch Monkey, who created a design by following the Tesla pickup teaser released during the launch of the Model Y.

A notable rendering was the one created by Justin Duel James (Duelj) who was able to come up with a beautiful Tesla pickup design by incorporating the teaser image as part of the truck. Putting the teaser portion as part of the front of the pickup, James also incorporated what the report described as “suicide doors.”

The video also features the concept design from u/madmax_br5 on Reddit which shows a futuristic pickup with an ultra-configurable bed. Based on the illustration, the design suggests that the bed can be extended, folded, lowered to create a ramp that could carry another vehicle. It’s a nifty idea that actually aligns with Musk’s vision of the Tesla pickup being as functional as the famous Ford F-150 series.

By the end of the video, one can see that actual vehicle that was created by YouTuber Simone Gertz who turned her Model 3 into a functional yet unofficial Tesla pickup.

Watching the video, one just couldn’t help but wonder what the real pickup could really look like. Could it be more exciting than the designs presented in the video? Knowing Musk, we’re pretty sure it will be.

Tesla pickup on a Tesla truck
Fans will learn more about Tesla Cybertruck Pickup a few days from now as Elon Musk reveals that it is scheduled to be unveiled. Tesla Inc.