A new viral video is making the rounds in part thanks to the Ellen Show. The texting bride video from a San Diego based videographer was filmed in 2008, but now after the shout out on the Ellen Show, is getting passed around like a talking cat video. The 30 second YouTube video shows a woman standing with her father after he walked her down the aisle. They are standing in front of the person conducting the ceremony (you can see the back of his head at one point) and she reaches into her wedding dress top and pulls out a mobile phone.

She texts, head down, while the father gives a knowing glance to the video camera. He doesn't say anything, and after 20 seconds or so, she stops and puts the phone back in her dress top. Several media outlets have reported the video came from James Costa, and that he was the one who took the video to begin with. Now there is an extra layer to the story because his YouTube page has been taken down. A message on YouTube simply says this channel is not available.

Other YouTube accounts have posted the video, however, and it is available to watch below. YouTube videos have increasingly been a big source of Web traffic as bandwidth has increased and mobile devices have been better able to display streaming content. Video content accounts for nearly half of U.S. internet traffic.

The texting bride video has yet to hit viral numbers, but it is going up fast. Perhaps it will one day catch up to keyboard cat in number of views. Then all the texting bride needs is some comic bubbles and it can be its own meme!

Tell us in the comments what you think the woman was texting, and also let us know any ridiculous situations you have seen people texting in.