Ever lost your patience when chatting with a customer service representative? You might want to watch your tongue.

LivePerson, a messaging platform, found people aren’t so nice to customer service workers and sometimes end up verbally abusing the employee. The platform analyzed 38 million customer service chats across 500 brands this spring to see where in the U.S. people cursed at consumer representatives the most and which industries saw a higher amount of bad behavior.

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Men Vs. Women

Men seem to be ruder than women. The platform found men cursed 16.5 percent more frequently than women when chatting with a representative. Men were also more likely to use vulgar terms, like words that relate to body parts (for example, the “C” word) and the “F” word. Women were more likely to substitute curse words, or use softer curse words, like “shut up,” “bloody hell” and “poop.”

Curse Words Americans Like

The most frequently used curse words while chatting with a customer representative overall were: stupid, shoot, goodness, sh*t and the “F” word. The top five “hard curses were: sh*t, the “F” word, hell, damn and a**, while the most used “soft” curse words were: stupid, shoot, goodness, suck and crap.

Rudest States

The states that curse the most are Virginia, New Mexico, Alaska, Iowa and Utah. Iowa and Washington are the states that use the most “hard” curse words, followed by Idaho, Ohio, and Nevada. Meanwhile, Virginia, New Mexico, Alaska, Utah, and North Dakota take the lead when it comes to “soft” curses.

Here’s a graphic provided by LivePerson breaking down the states that curse the most:

States that curse the most when talking to customer service representatives
States that curse the most when talking to customer service representatives. LivePerson

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Nicest States

The states that curse the least are Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi and South Carolina.

LivePerson also analyzed polite terms. The most polite words Americans used overall were: Thanks/Thank you, please, no problem, appreciate, kindly, lovely and pardon. The most polite states were: Idaho, Maine, North Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin, while the states that were the least polite were: Alaska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado and Iowa.

New Mexico, Iowa, Oregon, Colorado, and Louisiana had a high ration of saying both “please” and “thank you” when talking to customer service representatives, while South Carolina, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Alabama didn’t do as well.

Who Curses The Most?

Customers who had their names revealed while chatting with a customer service representative seemed to behave better, while those who spoke anonymously were ruder. That isn't surprising given a number of trolls seen on social media with fake profiles.

The industries in which customers cursed the least in were: pharmaceutical, consulting, banking, energy, and financial services.

Ironically, the least behaved customers were the ones who were interacting with charities, foundations, and nonprofits. Those talking with telecommunications, transportation, consumer products, and hospitality industries were also ruder compared to other industries.