• IKEA and Monti Kids posted recalls, citing choking hazards
  • IKEA is recalling 25,000 units of a certain toy, while Monti Kids is recalling more than 2,000
  • Customers affected by the respective recalls may get a refund

Thousands of children's toys are being voluntarily recalled this week, as the products may pose a choking hazard to young kids.

The IKEA and Monti Kids recalls were posted on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website Thursday. Both companies noted an issue with a potential choking hazard.

The IKEA recall affects the "BLAVINGAD" fishing games. In this ocean-themed game, kids may use the wooden fishing lines with a string and magnet to "fish" for the wooden pieces with metal rivets.

The problem, noted the CPSC announcement, is that the metal rivets in the wooden play pieces may "come loose and detach." This may then pose the choking hazard to the young users.

So far, IKEA knows of four global reports of the rivets coming loose, though none of them happened in the U.S. The incidents also didn't necessitate medical attention, but the company is still urging users to "immediately stop" using the recalled items.

The Monti Kids recall affects the "Basket with Balls toys sold with Monti Kids Tummy-Time, 4-6M Play and Early Gross Motor subscription boxes." This is essentially a basket of balls, which include a wooden ball, a rubber ball and a blue crocheted ball.

The problem this time lies with the crocheted ball as the "swirls sewn onto the exterior" may actually separate and expose small parts, thus posing the choking hazard.

So far, there have been two reports of the fabric rosettes coming apart and the small parts being exposed and released. There have been no reports of injuries.

"We conduct rigorous testing on all our products to ensure that they meet or exceed all testing standards for US safety and EU safety regulations," the company noted. "And on the extremely rare occasion when one of our toys fails to meet our standards of excellence, we move quickly to remedy."

Indeed, young children are quite susceptible to choking hazards because they tend to explore the world around them by putting things in their mouths. This is why one of the important things parents or guardians can do to prevent them from choking is to make sure to check that the toys they use don't have loose or broken parts. Even a stuffed toy with a loose eye, for instance, may pose a hazard.

The recalled IKEA BLAVINGAD fishing game units have the article number "10539622" and supplier number "21576," which can be found at the back of the blue box, noted the CPSC. This game was sold at U.S. IKEA stores as well as online via its website from October 2022 to March 2023.

The recall affects a total of 25,000 units. Some 2,000 were also sold in Canada, where a recall is also being initiated.

As mentioned, those who find that they are in possession of a recalled product should stop using it. Instead they may return it to IKEA to get a full refund. A proof or purchase — a receipt — is "not required," the company said.

"We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation," IKEA noted.

Those with questions may contact the company at 888-966-4532.

On the other hand, some 2,700 units are affected by the Monti Kids recall. These were sold online via the Monti Kids website from July 2022 to February 2023. Photos of the recalled product are available on both the CPSC and Monti Kids websites.

Customers who are affected by the Monti Kids recall are being advised to contact the company to receive instructions on how to receive a refund. The company is also contacting known purchasers.

Those with questions may contact the company at 888-869-3019 or via email at

"No children have been injured by any Monti Kids toys," the company said. "Monti Kids has engaged in Voluntary Recalls out of an abundance of caution to proactive remove any potential hazard from the market."

Representation. A child playing with toys. FeeLoona/Pixabay