Jamie Jungers, a woman who claims to have had a one year and a half relationship with Tiger Woods, appeared on NBC's Today show to deny that she received money from him and that she worked as an escort.

I didn't even get a birthday card, Jungers said. I got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart, she added.

Jungers also claimed that her relationship with Woods was that of a boyfriend and girlfriend and that he wasn't shy to appear in public with her.

Jungers also denied knowing Michelle Braun, a former owner of an escort service who told the New York Daily News, Jungers used to work for the service.

That's all funny - I never even heard of the woman's name, Jungers said on the Today Show. Never in my life. I've never been an escort and I never will be an escort. This is all news to me.

NBC will air a special segment about Tiger Woods' scandal, The Secret Life of Tiger Woods, at 9 p.m. ET Friday on Dateline.

Watch her interview below:

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