• "Titanfall 2" was compromised by hackers, one of the people behind "Save Titanfall" has alleged
  • Respawn's initial investigation found an exploit that could cause the game to crash
  • The developers said "Titanfall 2" poses no security risk for PCs or consoles

Fans of Respawn’s cult-classic “Titanfall 2” are claiming that the game has been compromised by hackers and that players’ consoles and PCs are at risk of being injected with malicious software, prompting the developers to launch an investigation into the matter.

Word of “Titanfall 2” supposedly being compromised spread across the r/titanfall subreddit and on Twitter. One user shared a Discord message claiming that there were reports of a bug that could let hackers locally execute code from the game’s servers and that all platforms were affected.

Some users on social media quickly uninstalled “Titanfall 2” from their machines, while others pointed out that the Discord message did not come from a recognized member of Respawn. The user who issued the warning, DirectXeon, is a member of the NoSkill Discord community and is one of the people behind the “Save Titanfall” initiative.

TItanfall 2's movement system allows for fast and fluid traversal with sliding, wall-running and momentum-based techniques
TItanfall 2's movement system allows for fast and fluid traversal with sliding, wall-running and momentum-based techniques Respawn Entertainment

However, Respawn Entertainment launched a formal investigation into the matter. As of writing, the developers announced that they were still investigating the security breach, but so far, their engineers have found a possible exploit that could be used to crash games.

But Respawn noted that there are no serious issues that can put machines at risk.

“Titanfall” is no stranger to crippling cyber-attacks. Both games in the series had been hit with DDOS attacks multiple times over the past few years. There was also an issue recently regarding one hacker and their wild and elaborate plan to revive “Titanfall Online,” a canceled free-to-play spin-off that was designed to compete in the Asian market.

Some social media users speculated that this latest attack on “Titanfall 2” is all part of a hacker’s plan to have people uninstall the game or stop playing it completely.

The “Titanfall” community has been begging the developers to address the rampant DDOS attacks that have rendered the games’ multiplayer modes virtually unplayable. Unfortunately, Respawn has yet to answer these concerns as most of the team has been moved to developing and improving “Apex Legends.”

Respawn will provide more information regarding this issue as its investigation makes progress. Players are still arguing about whether or not keeping “Titanfall 2” installed on their machines is safe, but some have resorted to uninstalling the game completely for security’s sake.


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