• Titans are best engaged with hit-and-run tactics
  • Each Titan has a set of weakspots that can be exploited
  • Arc Grenades can be used to disorient Titans and other Pilots

Fighting Titans in “Titanfall 2” can be as simple as shooting at them with big guns, but smart pilots know that there are always better ways to take down a target. Titans can seriously sway the tide of a match, so it’s best to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

There are some subtle nuances that new players may be glossing over when it comes to fighting Titans on foot. Here are some tips and tricks on how to eliminate these war machines with as little effort as possible.

Target Weakspots

Each Titan has certain weakspots all over their chassis. These weakspots can be identified by aiming down a weapon’s sight and scanning a Titan. Parts that glow red are considered weakspots. Shooting these will cause significantly more damage, and they also take damage from normal weapons like assault rifles.

Hitting these areas with precision weapons like the Charge Rifle can chunk down a Titan’s health in no time.

Titan Health

Unlike Pilots, Titans do not regenerate health over time. The only way they can regenerate health is when a friendly Pilot inserts a new Battery into them, which can only be acquired by stealing from other Titans. This is important because they reveal every Titan’s weakness: poke damage.

Monarch, a Vanguard-class Titan featured in Titanfall 2
Monarch, a Vanguard-class Titan featured in Titanfall 2 Respawn Entertainment

Chipping away at a Titan’s health bar will eventually cause it to go in the doomed state. Once a Titan is doomed, friendly Titans will be able to execute it with a melee attack. Alternatively, Pilots can attempt to kill it instantly by initiating a Rodeo attack.

Arc Grenades

Arc Grenades work much like flashbangs in other games. They will temporarily distort a Titan’s view while also slowing down Pilots who are caught in the blast. These grenades are great for close-ranged loadouts that also grant excellent Titan-killing prowess to individual Pilots


The Rodeo is the strongest attack a Pilot can perform on a Titan, but it’s also the riskiest. Not only will a successful Rodeo steal a battery from the enemy, but it will also deal significant hull damage. Using two rodeos is usually enough to destroy one Titan, but it’s also very dangerous since they can easily kill a Pilot by dashing backwards or with electric smoke counter-measures.

Only use Rodeos when enemy Titans are busy fighting teammates.