cassini google doodle
The Google Doodle for April 26 celebrates the Cassini spacecraft's final days. Google

The adorable Google Doodle you may have noticed on your homepage Wednesday is in honor of the NASA Cassini spacecraft that's entering the first of its final stages exploring Saturn.

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The Doodle features an animated Cassini taking selfies in space before approaching a smiling Saturn. Cassini then turns the camera on the gas giant and snaps some photos of it as well while passing between the rings and the planet.

It's a cute animated version of the journey Cassini will take before its final day as one of NASA's favorite spacecrafts.

cassini doodle gif
The Google Doodle for April 26 celebrates the finals days of the Cassini spacecraft. Google

The Cassini spacecraft set out to study Saturn 20 years ago. The craft arrived at Saturn in 2004 and has been sending back data and images ever since. But it's running out of fuel and NASA scientists worry that it might crash land and spoil the landscape on one of the planet's moons.

So they came up with a plan to send Cassini on a number of trips through the planet's rings, sending back magnificent photos in the process.

Wednesday Cassini made its first dive of 22 and began sending back images. After the craft completes all 22 dives, it will make a final dive into Saturn's atmosphere and burn up in the process.