• "Tokyo Revengers" 219 releases on Aug. 25
  • It might show Takemichi and Senju on a date
  • Fans can read it on Kodansha

"Tokyo Revengers" 219 is another chapter fans should look forward to, considering the events that took place in the previous installment of the hit manga created by Ken Wakui.

Spoilers, Raws Scans and Release Date

"Tokyo Revengers" manga releases a new installment every week. Fans can read a fresh chapter every Wednesday unless there are changes or delays. And since there hasn't been any announced postponement, "Tokyo Revengers" 219 will be available on Aug. 25.

As for the spoilers and raw scans, they often become available online a day or two before the chapter's official release. Fans can read the official manga on Kodansha.

Je te protégerai | Tokyo Revengers
Anime : Tokyo Revengers YouTube Screenshot/Crunchyroll FR YouTube Channel

Chapter 218 Roundup

The most recent chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" offered a lot of exciting details about the Brahman Gang. It provided insights into how the delinquent group in Tokyo operates and influences businesses that are under its protection.

The latest chapter also introduced B1, the underground ring of the gang, where fights among members are live-streamed to viewers who place bets on the participants.

Moreover, the latest manga installment showed the grand meeting of the delinquent group and Senju Karawagi's supremacy. During the meeting, Senju introduced Takemichi as the newest member of the gang.

The deity also announced the upcoming war between the Brahman Gang, Kantou Manji Gang and Rokuhara Tandai. While Takemichi and Draken seemed delighted to hear about the war, both knew they would have to face Mikey. It would be the first time Mikey would see Draken and Takemichi since the Tokyo Manji Gang disbanded.

The latest chapter of the hit manga also teased that Senju and Takemichi would go on a date.

Chapter 219 Predictions and Spoilers

"Tokyo Revengers" 219 might reveal more details about Senju and Takemichi's time together. There is a great chance that the time traveler would learn more about Senju during this date.

The upcoming manga installment might also offer updates on Mikey and what happened to his life since Tokyo Manji Gang disbanded. Fans might also get to see Takemichi's vision manifest again in "Tokyo Revengers" 219.

It is worth noting, however, that these are mere predictions. Fans should therefore temper their expectations and take these pieces of information with a grain of salt.