• "Tokyo Revengers" 217 is now available
  • The time leaper visits Draken at his home
  • "Tokyo Revengers" 217 reveals Draken and Takemichi's reason for joining Brahman

"Tokyo Revengers" 217, titled "Have Never Seen Anything Like It," teases the newly discovered power of the crying hero and time leaper Hanagaki Takemichi.

The latest manga installment of "Tokyo Revengers" explores the vision Takemichi experienced in the previous chapter when Senju gave him her ice cream stick and the time leaper uttered the word "promise." The latest chapter sees the time leaper visits Draken at his home, which is still in the old brothel.

On their way to Draken's room, Takemichi hit the floor level (4) and again had a vision. Takemichi saw that his shirt and hand has blood. Later in the chapter, a lady, probably working in the brothel where Draken lives, accidentally spilled tomato juice on Takemichi.

Mikey & Draken | Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers: Mikey and Draken's intro Crunchyroll FR Official YouTube Channel

The liquid spilled on his shirt and on his hand, similar to what he saw earlier when he pressed the elevator. This seemingly confirms that his vision is accurate. This also suggests that aside from his ability to travel to the past and future, he could also get a glimpse into the future.

"Tokyo Revengers" 217 brings up Draken and Takemichi's commitment to saving Mikey. Draken told the time leaper he still dreams about Emma. He revealed that Mikey's sister asked him in his dream to help his brother.

The former vice captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang also shared in the latest chapter that he needed Mikey and he can't abandon him. "Tokyo Revengers" 217 confirms Draken's real motivation for joining Brahman is triggered by his desire to save Mikey.

Takemichi also told Draken what will happen to Mikey in the future, including Mikey's inability to suppress his "black urges." While Draken had no idea about these black urges, Takemichi's description of Mikey and the alternate future, made him realize a lot of things.

In "Tokyo Revengers" 217, Draken believes that in order to keep his promise to Takemichi, Mikey made all of his friends despise him. The founder of the Tokyo manji Gang made the greatest sacrifice in order to protect everyone in Toman, including Hina safe.

"Tokyo Revengers" manga is available at Kodansha, while its anime adaptation is available on Crunchyroll.