Over 100,000 apps for the iPad means you might want a guide to help you sift through what's good and what's great. Here are 10 apps you'll love, some new, some newly updated. Some are free, bust most of the apps in this list cost at least $1. We've included games, kitchen helpers, time wasters and reference apps. One notable absence is a Facebook app. That's because after many delays, Facebook finally made an app just for iPad. It's great, by the way. We also didn't include any photo editing apps because iPad mostly isn't used for taking pictures.

Additionally, not all of these apps are for iPad only. Some were developed for iPhone and expanded to work on iPad as well. The apps appear not in a raked order, so the first app in the lists isn't necessarily the best app overall. Start the slideshow for the top 10 iPad apps. Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite app or even a favorite developer.

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