They're slick, fast and outrageously expensive. However, in this booming, ever-changing world, several superfast cars have hit the roads and are no longer confined to the elite group of professional car racers.

Major automobile makers of the world have unleashed a hoard of these speed demons and have taken advantage of the ever-evolving technology to help push past the boundaries of speed and power.

2011 may be considered a great year for introducing the best of these oil burners. However, with more of these oil burners popping up to compete for the top spot in terms of unbridled velocity, the current year promises to bring forth an exotic new breed of superfast cars to help satisfy every car lover's dream.

In the meantime, New-York based Wall street Journal (WSJ) put out a list that includes ten of the fastest super cars in the world for 2012, along with each car's specifications. Click on the slideshow above to view the list.