Automation is the name of the game. Businesses are all looking to make their processes more autonomous and immediate. This is because business automation is a great time and money saver. Although the initial setup can be a heavily involved task, it is worth it.

Automation in business can greatly increase the productivity of everyone in the office. Many think that automation could save businesses up to $4 million! So why not take full advantage of business automation?

Detailed below are six business automations to increase profitability and productivity for your company to consider and adopt.

Social media marketing automation

Social media marketing automation was one of the first business automations to become accessible to millions for mere pennies. Several thousands of apps and websites help you schedule your social media posts. They also provide you with analytics on which posts gain the most engagement and what time is best to post based on your target audience.

These applications come with free versions but for a company, try purchasing a business plan. Some popular and well-reviewed social media marketing automation apps include HootSuite, SocialPilot, Buffer and Zoho Social. Social media marketing is the future of advertising, and these apps may give you a big advantage.

Email handling and automation

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Employees spend hours sifting through emails each day. Imagine how much more productive they could be if emails were sorted and filed by order of priority. Email handling software enables the user to key in which email addresses in their contact list are a priority and which are not. This software lets the user key in terms that would make an email be filed as a priority. This way, each employee can tackle the important emails first and set up auto-responses for the rest.

Email handling software also keeps track of email subscribers on your website. This helps increase profitability by enabling you to schedule and send out newsletters automatically and regularly. These newsletters can have product placements and sale offers for your subscribers, as well as any important information your customers or stakeholders need.

Customer communications

From online chatbots to email autoresponders, customer communications have been made easier through automation software. These automations allow for quick and helpful replies to your customers and a better customer experience. They also enable the customers to be redirected to customer service agents for more complex issues.

Accounting tasks

Accounting is a key part of any business that takes up a lot of time. By automating some of the processes, your company can reduce redundancies and errors and better manage employees' time. There is a lot of accounting automation software available that will help streamline your company's accounting processes. The most common versions are automated accounts payable software.

Calendar scheduling software

Communications and events tend to take up a lot of time. Instead of back-and-forth emails, consider investing in calendar managing and scheduling software. This will allow the entire company to be aware of upcoming events and timelines. The software even allows for groups to be formed if the event is only relevant to a few employees.

Also, applications like Calendly make the scheduling process easier by allowing you to set your general availability for communication, phone calls and meetings. This makes it easier for everyone to find you when you are available and leave you alone when you are not.

Hiring and employee analytics

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The hiring process can be tedious, especially for small companies. Try using a human resource management (HRMS) tool to make this process smoother. As part of its functionality, the HRMS tool automates the candidate management process.

A human resource management tool will help reduce sifting through applications, setting up interviews and making offers. It will set up equipment and give new hires access to the needed systems as well. The HRMS also helps keep track of employees' work, records and achievements.

Final thoughts

With these business automation types, your company may reduce human labor and overhead costs by simplifying and optimizing workflows. Business automation makes processes cheaper, faster and less error-prone, making your company more profitable and productive in the long run.