Russia Denies Turkish Jet Downing Role

Russia, Turkey and the US have all denied a report in Arab media that Moscow was involved in the mysterious downing of a Turkish jet off Syria's coast in June.


Morsi Victory Tahrir Square

Can Morsi Heal And Unite A Fractured, Post-Mubarak Egypt?

Morsi inherits an Egypt that has become crestfallen since the revolution as the democratic process stalled and the military seized control. His first tasks will be rebuilding the economy, increasing security and fostering social unity so that this great and patient people could reap the fruits of its sacrifices.
Egypt Protest

What Egypt?s Soft Coup Means For The Presidential Elections

This Saturday and Sunday, Egyptians will head for polling station to choose who will be their first democratically elected president, but they are faced with a hard choice now that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or SCAF, has seized greater control.