Charleston Shooting

Dylann Roof's Associates To Get Charged?

While the church-shooting suspect apparently traveled to and from Charleston alone, others may have had knowledge of his alleged plans, according to a report.

Now, What About 'Redskins'?

Native American activists and supporters hope the controversy over the Confederate flag spurs a larger debate about derogatory symbols.

Made In China

China is the world's largest manufacturer of Confederate flags — but not everyone in the country has heard about the U.S. debate.
SC confederate flag

Flag Divides South Carolina Lawmakers

A poll found that most lawmakers in the state were silent on the issue of the flag's removal from the Capitol grounds, but those who spoke out largely favored the move.

In Search Of A Silver Lining

"As tragic as this is, hopefully their lives weren't taken in vain," said one man honoring the victims of Wednesday's attack.
Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, South Carolina, June 21, 2015

'Be A Shining Light In The Darkness'

The pastor of an African Methodist Episcopal Church in New York's Harlem told congregants the church was born out of the black community's need for justice in a racist society.