A man named Dylan Roof, not to be confused with suspected Charleston shooter Dylann Roof, took to Facebook Thursday to clarify that he was not the alleged murderer. Above, Dylann Roof sits in a police vehicle in Shelby, North Carolina, June 18, 2015. Reuters/Jason Miczek

It's not easy being Dylan Roof. The difference between his name and that of the man suspected of killing nine people at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, Wednesday is just a single "n," tacked on to the end of the first name. But that detail has escaped many people hoping to contact the alleged murderer.

Shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday, Roof took to Facebook to clarify the case of mistaken identity:

I need to go ahead and make this clear before I get a bunch of calls/tweets/messages etc. The guy responsible for the shooting is named "Dylann Roof" my name is "Dylan Roof" note the difference in the double "n." I have had multiple experiences in my life where people have mistaken me for him, I've received his yearbook pictures all throughout my time in school, I've had multiple people add me on social media thinking I was him. I'm currently receiving a bunch of random friend requests and messages from A LOT of people, and I want it to be understood I am not the man responsible for the shooting. Me and that man share a name, and nothing else.

Dylan Roof lives in West Columbia, South Carolina, according to his Facebook profile, which also lists him as being from Lexington, South Carolina. Dylann Roof, the suspect who was arrested Thursday and is scheduled to appear in court in Charleston Friday, was from Lexington. His Facebook page has been removed.

The misspellings have also abounded on Twitter, where "Dylan Roof" appears as a frequent search, as does "Dylann Roof." Tweets, including those by journalists and media outlets, have also defaulted to the version with a single "n."