Now that Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is done being the good-guy judge on American Idol, he can finally go back to being one of The Bad Boys from Boston.

Tyler spoke recently to Rolling Stone about how now that he's left the Fox show, he is committed to putting his best foot forward on Aerosmith's much-anticipated Music From Another Dimension album, due out in November.

It's the music that's keeping us alive, Tyler told the magazine. I've seen a thousand bands go down the drain because they can't stop giving each other the finger and holding resentments, he says. Now I just look at [guitarist] Joe Perry and say, 'F**k you about your 'f**k you!'

The Sweet Emotion singer caught up with notable Rolling Stone writer Austin Scaggs while the band was in between stops on its Global Warming Tour, which runs through Aug. 12 in Bristow, Va.

Tyler tells Scaggs that while on tour, the band has been showcasing a new song called Oh Yeah.

It's a song Joe brought to the table, and it's a f**king classic. He brought it in at the last minute - a couple months ago - so Joe's definitely the employee of the month on the new album, Tyler says. It's got a great rock feel to it, and it works great at the beginning of the show. It's like, 'Check this s**t out. Here we are. We're back!'

The 64-year-old rocker goes on to describe the diversity of the Music From Another Dimension track list and how it contains more than just rock tunes.

I wrote a song called 'Beautiful,' and it was looked upon by the other guys as not Aerosmith. It's off the beaten path. But anything that I question these days, I just go, 'F**k it, let's do it.' And there's another full-bodied melody song called 'It Could Have Been Love.' I can't get away from it. My dad went to Juilliard and played a Steinway, and when you've been given the gift of music, you've got to play to your muse. Otherwise it's gonna bite you in the ass, Tyler explains.

It wouldn't be a fulfilling Aerosmith interview if the famed rock legend didn't touch on some of the good old days and the music that earned the label of America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band.

I used to arrange the band's licks and riffs. Starting with the chorus was way different than any other band's ever done, Tyler says in reference to the band's 1975 hit Sweet Emotion.

The song was the first single on Aerosmith's third album, Toys In The Attic, and was the band's breakthrough single and the first Top 40 hit.

But we did it because it was so much fun singing that 'sweet emotion' part, the Boston native added.