2012 Olympics Medal Count Of Shame Has Britain Losing The Most Of Any Country

The 2012 Olympics medal count of shame is a list curated by the Wall Street Journal during the London Games which shows that though Britain has done stunningly well when it comes to bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals, its athletes have also had by far the most last, second-to-last and third-to-last performances of any nation this year.

After US Women's Soccer Defeats Japan For Olympic Gold, 'Pearl Harbor' and Racial Slurs Begin Trending On Twitter

For the third straight Olympic Games, the US Women's soccer team won the gold medal, defeating Japan in a stunning rematch after their loss at the World Cup. However, in a terrible display of humanity, immediately following the match, the terms "pearl harbor" and "japs" began trending on Twitter, showing that even when the Olympics inspire different nations to come together, some people are just terrible.