Glenn Beck May Revive 'Jefferson Lies'

In a phone interview with the International Business Times, the evangelical author David Barton said he was approached by four publishers, among them conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck's imprint, to distribute "The Jefferson Lies" after publisher Thomas Nelson halted shipments because of claims that it contains numerous mistakes. This incident raises again the question of why publishers are unable or unwilling to ensure the accuracy of the books they print.

Gold's Value Up For Europeans As Exchange Deems Bullion Collateral

European investors looking to bet on risky derivatives will be able to use gold to back their trades, one of the Continent's major exchanges said Friday, a development that could both make the yellow precious metal a more valuable asset and foster the growth of derivative trading volume.

Central Bank Gold Demand To Hit Highest Level Since 1964

Demand for gold by central banks and official sector institutions were more than double the level reported a year ago, as emerging market central banks continue to gobble up gold due to concerns about fiat currencies, such as the U.S. dollar and especially the euro, according to World Gold Council data released Thursday.


Gold Demand Hits Lowest in Two Years, India, China Weighs

Gold Demand Falls To A Two-Year Low; India, China Weigh

The demand for gold fell to its lowest level in two years in the second quarter of 2012, as the price rise along with the economic slowdown has deterred major consumers India and China from buying the yellow metal, the World Gold Council said on Thursday.
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Flavanol-rich Cocoa May Reduce Blood Pressure A Bit

Pulling data from 20 studies published over the last decade, researchers found that people who ate flavanol-rich cocoa products every day for a few weeks saw their blood pressure drop by about two or three points.