Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte of the U.S. bites his gold medal for the men's 400-meter individual medley, which he won Saturday during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Reuters

Swimmer Ryan Lochte conquered the pool during the 2012 London Olympics. Now the gold medalist may try to take over reality television, either by appearing on "The Bachelor" or "Dancing with the Stars."

Lochte, 28, indicated in an interview on the "Today" show Friday that he was open to starring in reality TV, with "The Bachelor" and "Dancing with the Stars" being the best fits for the swimmer who has been the talk of the 2012 Games, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

While "DWTS" may be the best fit for Lochte - Olympic champions Apolo Anton Ohno and Shawn Johnson both appeared on the show and won the competition -- a stint on "The Bachelor" might make more sense, according to Amy Rosenblum of the media training company Media Masters.

"Ryan would make the perfect next 'Bachelor'," Rosenblum told the Huffington Post. ""He has the 'it' factor. Especially after his mother's one-night-stand comment, everyone wants to know who is the real Ryan and what would it be like to date him. Forget dancing shows -- this guy should be doing dating shows, for sure."

Jimmy Ford, casting director for Semisweet Productions, agreed.

"Ryan would make a great Bachelor," Ford told The Huffington Post. "He has it all: charm, looks and everyone in America already knows him."

But if it were up to Lochte, he would choose "Dancing with the Stars" over "The Bachelor."

"I'd definitely have to go with 'Dancing with the Stars' because it's a competition and I have that competitive edge in me," the gold medalist told "Good Morning America's" Josh Elliot, according to The Insider.

Lochte and his U.S. Olympic swimming teammate Conor Dwyer both said a reality show featuring the bachelor swimmer would make for great TV.

"It definitely wouldn't be your normal reality TV show because I'm not your normal guy," Lochte said on "Good Morning America."

Dwyer agreed.

"It would be pretty interesting, something fans would like to see. He'd do pretty well for himself," he said.