‘Medical’ Marijuana: 10 Health Benefits That Legitimize Legalization

Prescription drugs kill between about 100,000 people in the world each year, but marijuana, medical or not, has caused absolutely zero deaths. Weed, pot, ganja, or whatever you want to call it, cannabis has actually been a favorable treatment in the treatment of about 200 different medical conditions. Here are 10 ways marijuana can improve your health.

Megan Rossee Is Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend, Sources Confirm Model Is Dating Olympic Swimmer [PHOTOS]

After speculation for the past week as to whether or not Megan Rossee is Michael Phelps' girlfriend, sources have confirmed that the blonde model is indeed dating the Olympic gold-winning swimmer and not just recently, but for months. Lately, the pair has been active on social media, tweeting back and forth and posting Instagram photos together and made their first red carpet appearance together on Monday.



Performance Enhancing Dope: Should Sport Ban Cannabis?

Where to draw the line between performance enhancing drugs - which many experts agree should be prohibited in sport because they make the contest unfair - and recreational drugs like marijuana, which is unlikely to boost performance but could give sport a bad image?